RV Parking

The SDSU RV parking area has currently 12 RV spots in the N. Tailgate parking area, these are a first come until filled basis.  Patrons must purchase an RV parking pass for each game they would like to park their RV in the RV parking area.

There is NO overnight parking allowed on campus, to find locations of overnight RV parking in Brookings please check out the SDSU Parking Services website.

IMPORTANT AND NEW FOR THIS YEAR:  RV must fit into the space that is purchased.  RVs may be smaller than the space purchased, but may not be longer than the space purchased. The reason for this restriction is to maintain safety and fire lanes in the RV parking area, along with the Tailgate general parking.  RVs that are longer than the space purchased will NOT be guaranteed a space and may be asked to leave.  The RV length measurement is from “Hitch to Spare”.

General Information for SDSU RV parking area:

  • All RVs and campers (whether towed or self-propelled) must fit into stall in RV parking area
  • Stalls in RV parking area are able to accommodate Class A, Class B & Class C RV’s
  • Towable RV and campers (including vehicle) can NOT exceed 50’ in length and 15’ in width.
  • RVs and campers can NOT park overnight on campus
  • RVs and campers can START to enter RV parking area 5 hours prior to kick-off
  • ALL RVs and campers MUST be in RV parking area NO LATER than 3 hours prior to kick-off.
  • All RVs and campers MUST wait until ONE (1) HOUR AFTER end of game to exit RV parking area.
  • Please review all SDSU Tailgating Policies, which can be found by clicking HERE.

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